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Inside Out

Inside Out

  • Finns i butik senast 2017-11-24
  • ISBN: 9789171264268
  • Genre: Fotografi

With the help of X-ray images, Nick Veasey allows us to see the world in an entirely new way: people, cars, animals, plants – even an entire aircraft – shown uniquely and imaginatively. With a specially built X-ray camera, Veasey gives us insights into small routine things, but also Batman’s insides and a motorbike’s winding mechanisms. And you’ve never seen a crowded bus like this before!

Veasey treats us to a fascinating and sometimes comical cavalcade of images – few photographers have come as close as Veasey does to the core of our very existence.

The book is being published to coincide with a major exhibition at Fotografiska in Stockholm; and is also available in Swedish. 

Recensionsdatum 2017-11-24
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  • Författare

    Nick Veasey
  • Recensionsdatum:

  • ISBN:

  • Genre:

  • Utgivningsår:

  • Bredd:

    253 mm
  • Höjd:

    222 mm
  • Djup:

    15 mm
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    0,743 kg
  • Fotograf:

    Nick Veasey
  • Formgivare:

    Patric Leo
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  • Bokförlaget Max Ström
  • Kyrkslingan 11
  • 111 49 Stockholm